Facts & Information

Football is a very popular sport in Philadelphia and the city’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles have had a lot of successes over the years. The team took part in the Super Bowl for the first time in 1980. During Super Bowl XV, the team was able to complete the season successfully by playing against the Oakland Raiders.

Apart from being a successful football team, the Philadelphia Eagles have also participated in various charity events. The Eagles formed Eagles Fly for Leukemia to support Fred Hill’s daughter who had been diagnosed with leukemia. Hill was the team’s tight-end and his daughter was able to recover after receiving financial and emotional support from the Eagles. The charity continues to raise funds for cancer research and the provision of family support since it was launched by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1971.

Vince Papale who is a former Philadelphia Eagles player was the inspiration for the movie “Invincible”. He played for the team between 1976 and 1978. In the movie, Vince Papale was played by Mark Wahlberg. This shows that the team has been able to influence people away from the stadium.

In 1997, a courtroom was established within the Philadelphia Eagles stadium. This was done as a result of an increase in poor behavior by fans. Violent acts and public intoxication were common during the team’s games. Seamus McCaffrey, the city’s municipal judge and the police department decided it was necessary to deal with the situation by setting up a courtroom. It was successful and by 1999, the situation had improved therefore it was no longer necessary to have the courtroom.

In the 1940’s Earle Neale who was nicknamed Greasy, was the first coach to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to three appearances in the NFL Championship. He coached the team between 1941 and 1950. During his tenure as coach, the team appeared in the championship from 1947 to 1949. The Eagles won the championship in 1948 and 1949. In 1969, Earle Neale was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chuck Bednarik is one of the Philadelphia Eagles team members who played for 14 NFL seasons and only missed out on three games during this period. Bednarik led the team in their 1960 NFL title win when he was only 35. Before he played for the Eagles, he was an All-American player and won two championships with them. The team won seven championships when he played with the Philadelphia Eagles.

In 1980, the Eagles had 12 wins in the regular season. They were able to edge out Dallas in the battle for the Eastern Division title and managed to beat them 20-7 during the Championship game. In this year, the Philadelphia Eagles set a record for the most wins in a regular season. This clearly shows the team’s great performance over the years.

There have been some surprises in the team’s history and one of the most famous ones was when the Philadelphia Eagles played their first game in 1933. The final score in the game was 56-0. During this game, the team was playing against the New York Giants and it was one of their biggest losses since the team was formed.